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Happy New Year & Welcome to 2021!

As we put 2020 behind us, we look forward to a new year with new possibilities, new adventures and new dreams. Those of us here at Human Response Network (HRN) are hoping for a positive filled year for our agency, our county, our state and our country. For HRN, a new year includes planning events, participating in countywide activities and looking at different ways to support the residents of Trinity County.

The year 2021 has new possibilities to assist clients in achieving their dream. A dream may be to move into a house instead of living on the street or on a friend’s couch. A dream may be remaining in their house and not being evicted. A dream may be a new baby and learning the different ways our county can offer a helping hand. A dream may be getting out of an abusive relationship and into a safe place. A dream may be a new pair of shoes for a child as they grow. A dream may be a warm coat. A dream may be support while walking through a natural disaster that occurs in Trinity County. There are many more dreams thought up each day.

I encourage you to think about your dreams. What possibilities do they bring for the New Year?

· Going back to school?

· Going on the vacation you always wanted to go on?

· Buying a new house?

On the other hand, does your dream involve your community? What would that look like?

· Volunteering at the local soup kitchen?

· Signing up to pick trash for a mile on the highway?

· Donating to a local business?

· Another idea?

HRN has dreams to support our community. During each year, we look for grant opportunities in order to continue to offer the programs we currently run to assist with client’s dreams. However, there are times when grants are not available or the grant does not offer enough funding to meet all of the needs. When that happens, the services we offer can only go so far and then they may end until more funding is available. When that happens, client’s dreams cannot be fulfilled. While this may happen, we do not give up on helping residents of Trinity County and helping them achieve their dreams. If you would like to learn more information about the programs HRN offers, we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter, visit our website and our Facebook page.

In this New Year, what will you do to accomplish your dreams? What will you do to help others accomplish theirs?

From all of us here at Human Response Network, Happy New Year!


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