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HRN Has A New Logo!

Old Logo and the New Logo

Human Response Network (HRN) is excited to announce that we have a new logo.

HRN has been serving the residents of Trinity County since 1980. There are three different departments that make up HRN, Children’s Services, Community Services, and Empowerment Services. The original logo was designed in 1996, with the idea that the logo should reflect the entire agency as empowering and assisting people moving forward. HRN has been working with families for 43 years, planting seeds of education, hope, and empowerment in the minds of Trinity County residents.

Blue letters HRN with a light blue roof line over them next to two hands forming the shape of a tree with green heart shaped leaves and the words Human Response Network below

While developing our new logo, we also wanted something that would reflect the entire agency and embrace the great work each department does. The trunk of the tree is the helping hands that represent our commitment to empowering our community members with the hand up they might need to succeed. The leaves are the countless lives we have touched and helped grow in this community. The roof line brings it home and symbolizes our work in making sure Trinity County residents have safe and stable housing, shelter from domestic violence, and a childcare home for their children. We believe that our new logo embodies our vision that Trinity County residents are empowered, self-sufficient, have healthy relationships and thrive in strong communities.

The Children’s Services Department administers the Welcome Baby program, helps families with subsidized childcare, assists childcare providers with the licensing process, as well as operating Alps State Preschool and the Weaverville All Summer Program (WASP). The Community Services Department provides emergency services, housing and homelessness help, Tobacco Prevention and Cessation, Rape Prevention programs, and Youth Leadership programs. The Empowerment Services Department provides services to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault victims, court advocacy & counseling, emergency shelter, and a 24-Hour Domestic Violence/ Sexual Assault Crisis Line.

You’ll start seeing our new logo on our website, social media, and marketing materials in the coming weeks.

We’re grateful for the support of our community partners, and we’re excited to share our new look with Trinity County. We hope you love it as much as we do.


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