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HRN Welcomes New Board Members

Human Response Network (HRN), announces the addition of three new members to its Board of Directors: Sue Leutwyler, Jeff England, and Peggy Canale.

A female in front of a wood background
HRN Board Member Sue Leutwyler

Sue Leutwyler brings a wealth of nonprofit and business leadership experience. In addition to having served for years as the President of the Arizona Dressage Association, a nonprofit education organization, Sue is currently the President of the Trinity County Association of Realtors.

A man in a red shirt
HRN Board Member Jeff England

Jeff England is the Executive Director of the Trinity County Food Bank. Six years ago, he began doing disaster relief work in Trinity and other Northstate counties. He looks forward to seeing how HRN and the Trinity County Food Bank can continue to work together to help those in Trinity County.

Photo of a female in a black dress outdoors
HRN Board Member Peggy Canale

Peggy Canale is currently the Superintendent of Southern Trinity Joint Unified School District and teaches full-time at Hoaglin-Zenia Elementary School. She is a member of the Local Childcare Planning Council, a collaboration that includes local schools, HRN, and other agencies. She looks forward to working with HRN in a board member capacity to not only assist in its many programs, but also to provide a voice for these services in the Southern Trinity community.

These three new board members join with Board President Leia Anneliese, Vice President Naomi Goulette, Secretary Chriss Williams and Julie Lacitignola to fill HRN's seven-member board.

HRN board members oversee and provide guidance to the agency and attend monthly board meetings. Board members also sit on committees within the agency to support the day-to-day work and help plan for the future of the agency to better serve our Trinity County community.


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