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Children's Services

Programs and Services

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Child Care Help for Families

Human Response Network can help you find the best fit for your children's needs, as well as provide you with resources for children, birth to 13 years of age.

Depending on need and income, you may qualify for child care payment assistance.

For more information contact our Child Care Resource and Referral Coordinator at 530-623-2024.

Nursery School

Child Care Providers

Quality child care is a much needed service in Trinity County. 

Human Response Network is here to assist individuals interested in becoming a child care provider.


For more information about or help becoming a child care provider contact our office to set up a time to meet with the Child Care Resource and Referral Coordinator at 530-623-2024.

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Preschool is provided at Alps View Preschool in Weaverville. Our preschool is state licensed, has credentialed staff,  and provides a nurturing environment and nutritious snacks.

The program is designed to provide a safe, nurturing environment for children and to promote, support, and enhance each child's development.  

The State Preschool program is subsidized by the State of California.  You may qualify for free services. 

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Weaverville All Summer Program

The Weaverville All Summer Program (WASP) serves children enrolled in TK through age 12.  WASP provides child care for income eligible families during the summer break.  Families may qualify for free or reduced fee child care.  WASP is subsidized by the CA Dept. of Education.


For more information call 530-623-2024.

baby car seats

Resources for Families

We provide a variety of items to help families, including:

  • Free car seats

  • Free bike helmets

  • Voucher's for Children's School Shoes

  • Lending Library of toys, books, and videos

Call us to find out if you qualify and to get more information.

Baby Stretches

Welcome Baby

  • New parents and other caregivers, including grandparents and other relatives caring for a baby, can receive a Welcome Baby visit.

  • Resources, a handmade quilt, books, and other useful items are provided at the visit.

  • Call and speak with a service provider for more information.

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