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Celebrating 40 years of Human Response Network

This year marks Human Response Network’s 40th anniversary. In 1980, a group of four women, led by Jil Chipman M.F.T., organized Human Response Network (HRN). Jil had completed a study and found that pregnant women were reporting abuse by their husbands or boyfriends. This group of four women organized volunteers and trained them to respond to calls requesting help from domestic violence situations. The Crisis Line, (530)623-HELP continues to be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year thanks to the help of dedicated volunteers. As the volunteers continued to help the women, it became apparent legal services were also needed. This added service helped victims obtain protection orders from the courts. Today, HRN continues to help men and women of all ages in Trinity County with domestic violence and sexual assault situations. In the past year, 165 people have been assisted with these types of services.

In 1983, The Child Care Project began in order to assist families with the needs of childcare. Preschools opened in Weaverville, Lewiston, Burnt Ranch, Hayfork, and Southern Trinity. After School Programs opened in Weaverville and Lewiston. Family Childcare Homes grew to help parents who have children from birth to school age and are in need of childcare.

Families needing housing brought another issue to the attention of HRN. Transitional housing and emergency housing units were purchased and built to assist families experiencing homelessness.

Prevention Services began when HRN saw there are ways to help prevent a range of issues in the community through education and outreach, from dating violence and child abuse to tobacco use. Programs are offered at the school and community levels to raise awareness and engage the community in improving the wellbeing of Trinity County. Tobacco Education started for both youth and adults. Quit kits are available for anyone who would like assistance quitting smoking, chewing tobacco or vaping.

There are myriad family services available such as: The Welcome Baby program which offers information and support to new families, parenting education, shoe vouchers for school age children, and gas and bus vouchers to assist with medical or social service programs. There is also utility assistance, rental assistance and eviction prevention assistance.

HRN began as a grassroots effort to assist people in Trinity County and that is still our goal today. As we look forward into the future, HRN will continue to grow, assess, and work to meet the needs of Trinity County residents.


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