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Childcare Providers: Funds for Cleaning Supplies and PPE Available

The Children's Services Department is very happy to announce we have received funds to purchase cleaning supplies and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). All Family Childcare Homes, Exempt Providers and Centers in Trinity County open during the COVID-19 Crisis qualify for this funding. It is up to each individual provider to request how you would like to receive supplies. Please indicate on the attached form if you are requesting funds to purchase items on your own, would like to place a bulk order for supplies with HRN or prefer a combination of both. Funds are based on capacity of each provider and are limited to a first come first serve basis.

In order to receive funding you must:

  • be open during the COVID-19 Crisis or certify the date you will be opening prior to June 20, 2020;

  • complete the Self Certification Form below;

  • and return it by email, mail or in the drop box before May 15th.

Providers who do not complete the Self Certification may be able to receive cleaning supplies on a first come first serve basis, please do not wait.

We will be sending out order forms for those who would like to purchase cleaning and supply items in bulk at a discounted price, please look for those to come soon.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 530 739-8389.

Download the Self Certification Form:

COVID Cleaning Supplies
Download PDF • 116KB

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