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Trinity Counts: Complete the Census Today

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Show Them Trinity Counts

The 2020 Census is happening now and it's not too late to participate. It is critical that everyone in Trinity County participate in the Census to make sure Trinity:

  • is accurately represented in our government

  • receives funding for our schools

  • is able to provide important services for seniors and families

No Census ID? No Problem.

Due to COVID-19, the Census Bureau is delaying field operations and the best way to participate is online. If you live in Trinity County you will probably not receive a Census form or ID by mail; but, you can still fill out the Questionnaire online or by phone!

Filling out the Census Questionnaire is easy and should take less than ten minutes!

Here is how to fill out the Census online:


1. Begin by visiting the Official Census website.


2. Click on the Green "Respond" Button


3. Click on "Start Questionnaire" Button


4. The Log-in Page will ask for your Census ID.


5. Underneath the "Login Button" you will find the option to fill out the questionnaire without an ID option.


6. Once you have clicked this option it will take you on to fill out the Census Questionnaire using your physical home address.


Wondering what the Census will ask before you start? Preview all the questions and see why they are asked on the Census website:

Prefer to respond by phone? Call 1-844-330-2020.

Your answers will help shape the future of Trinity County for the next ten years. Show them that Trinity counts and complete the Census today.


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