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Job Opening

Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Volunteer


Type of Job




Job Location

111 Mountain View Street, Weaverville, CA, USA


December 12, 2022

About the job



· Meet individually with clients, interview clients, review tax documents, and prepare returns using professional tax software.

· Connect clients to meaningful savings opportunities including U.S. Savings Bonds and credit union accounts


· Must successfully complete free tax preparation training and pass IRS certification test

· Must maintain client confidentiality

· Ability to build rapport & discuss sensitive financial information with care

· No prior tax experience is required, but an ability to prepare a basic tax return or other relevant classroom or work experience in tax law or accounting is recommended

Time Requirement:

· A minimum of one 4-6-hour shift, one to two weekdays (Monday – Friday) per week during tax season (January 25th to April 18th)

· Our greatest need is during February and early March, when our tax site is the busiest


· Tax Volunteers are required to attend a pre-season orientation and complete the training

· Training is online through IRS’s Link and Learn system, which can be done at HRN with one-on-one mentoring and assistance

· Both new and returning Tax Volunteers must pass the IRS certification exam


· Gain professional skills while helping families in Trinity County boost their financial stability!

· Free tax law and tax preparation training, culminating in IRS certification

· Support from trained Vita Volunteers and staff with 15+ years’ experience

Job Description: Qualifications and Job Duties

Download the job description for a list of qualifications and job duties.

How to Apply

Contact: Jeanetta Trounday, Site Coordinator, at or (530) 623-2024

Application Deadline:

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